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Real Self Improvement and Motivation


Are you searching for the help you need
to make real self improvement and motivation
a reality for you?...

high-value resources,
complete with plenty of Free content?...

...A site that will work with you
on your journey to create desired,
lasting changes in your life?

Tip: What would you most like to have show up in your life right now?

Write it down and keep it in mind
as you look around at what's available to you here.

Have you ever tried to figure out what changes you want to make, but experienced confusion or felt defeated while you were still trying to figure it out?

Have you ever tried to make changes but run into emotional obstacles like fear or guilt...or practical obstacles like time, money, or prior commitments?

Have you ever run out of motivation, forgotten what it was that motivated you to begin with, or just never felt the motivation you needed to make those changes?

Doesn't it seem that the more important and desired the changes are,
the more difficult to make they can feel?

I Can Totally Relate!

This work is my "field" as a sociologist,
but I'm also a person with a real life,
with the full spectrum of experiences...
...from tragedy to joy, and everything in between.
Real self-improvement and motivation go hand-in-hand to give you the tools you need to grow!


And As For The Motivation...

As my efforts and reflection toward change as a person, a woman, and a parent, and my work and thinking have evolved over the years, I've developed and defined, the Ultimate Key to Motivation!

You'll find this key woven throughout the growing number of high-value pages of content and resources on this site. You'll also discover my view of the inevitable relationship among the various of aspects life...and how this can benefit you.

What You Can Expect

If, underneath the various emotions you may be experiencing, you just know that you have a store of determination to cut through to what's important to you, and you'd value some thoughtful help and encouragement, then you can expect this site to deliver some great benefits to you, all of which will greatly increase your ability to create the Real self-improvement changes you want most...

  • Experience relief and find direction with access to real, high-value content among these pages--Free!
  • Be better able to accept and work with your emotions while you pursue your desired changes;
  • Honor the important relationships in your life while you make your desired changes;
  • Find reassurance;
  • Once you experience some relief now, you'll find information and tools to generate your long-term solutions and create desired changes;
  • Experience your own power and appreciate the positive ways you can use it;
  • Experience empathy and inspiration;
  • Create a flexible plan to get from where you are now, to where you want to be;
  • Discover and learn from the Ultimate Key to Motivation...

What Will You Find On This Site?

The goal of this site is to address the needs common to most people, as well as creating a format in which you can address your unique needs with lots of Free help and other resources available to you.

At the upper left side of this page, under "Navigating This Site," are the categories in development. As each category is published, it's title will become a "clickable" link.

Finding What You Need

There are two basic ways to approach this site:

1. Begin with the section, "Basics For Everyone," and go right into your Real Self-Improvement and Motivation journey, and deal with special situations and life stages as they come up along the way.

2. Begin with focusing on a special situation or life stage under "More For Everyone," or "Of Special Interest," and move toward the opportunities under "Basics For Everyone"!

Either Way...

Whichever approach you decide to take, if you're ready, you'll find on this site,
and learn to create,
all the opportunities you need,
to envision...

...your Real Self-Improvement journey, and all the Motivation you need
to make it happen!

Getting The Most Value For Your Time On This Site

During your visit, focus on your most pressing concerns. Make a note about pages you might want to visit later or on your next visit.

There's no need to try to absorb everything at once... This site will be here for you!

Come for more visits, explore, and make the most of what's available here, to help you get and stay motivated in your Real Self-Improvement adventure!

Jessica Moseley, Site Author and Creator
Jessica Moseley,
Site Author and Creator

Making Contact

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comment or suggestion,
please fill out the
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New Moon Power
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New Moon Opportunities in 2016

The New Moon is a traditional time for planting, it's also a great time for "planting" new habits.

Begin a new habit early in the New Moon week, and it will boost your ability to stick with it!

Here are the dates for the beginning of the new moon phases in 2016...

  • October 1
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