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Balance Your Self Esteem and Thrive!

person balancing and thinking about self esteem

Welcome to the Self Esteem section of the site, where your comfort and your appreciation for yourself are The Focus!

The Self Esteem page, is intended to help you:
  • ...give yourself a break!
  • ...experience a blast of inspiration, whatever the current state of your self esteem!
  • the secret to finding balance in the way you feel about yourself;
  • ...better understand yourself;
  • ...feel better than you do now...
  • ...and to guide you to other pages in this section, with additional relevant information on more specific aspects of self esteem

Feeling Desperate Right Now?

Self esteem issues can bring on moments or periods that are an emotional crisis...
because self esteem is that critical!
If you're experiencing such a crisis, please read on
to see if anything here can bring you some immediate relief.

Please, if you're feeling as though you're in too much of a crisis to help yourself right now,
consider contacting the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255

And If You're Not Feeling Desperate...

you'll be able to find material here to help you be pro-active
in your quest to balance your self esteem!

It Shouldn't Have To Be So Hard, Just To Feel Good...

person wishing for a better way to feel good
With so many things affecting your self esteem,
sometimes it can be really difficult to keep it healthy
and balanced, don't you think?
And doesn't it seem like it shouldn't have to be so hard
to just feel good in yourself?
(By the way...there is a better way!...)

Your Self Esteem Is Like Your Blood Pressure... the sense that there's a picture of how you feel in general, and another of how you feel right now! Although you probably desire to feel a healthy sense of self esteem most or all of the time, it's natural to drift away from that at times, and back again.

Very little about self esteem is concrete. For most of us, our sense of it is in flux, depending on many variables. This can be very healthy, helping you to examine yourself and your life... to grow as a person, and to give you a variety of perspectives on yourself and the situations and relationhips of your life.

If I could only tell you one thing about self esteem, this would be it:
The key to its secret, is understanding the relationship between it,
and the person you know, deep down inside, you're meant to be.

Would You like to try some Free Tools for learning about that relationship? Well, here they are........................

FREE Tools For Discovering The Secret Of Self Esteem!

The following tools are in the form of tasks of reflection. In other words, the tools each work by giving you a specific thing to reflect on. What you gather from each task of reflection, will give you what you need to begin the next one. Taken all together and combined with your participation, these tools will give you the key to the secret of self esteem.
  • 1) Think of yourself as a house. You were designed and built in such a particular way that you had a distinct personality. Over the years, though, people have layered paint and siding on you; put up partition walls; broken and replaced some windows, put up wallpaper and panelling...

    Underneath all those layers of stuff and all those alterations, is you--the way you were originally designed and created...the real, best you.

  • 2) Now you're going to "refurbish" yourself. Develop your sense of who you truly are--the best You that you can imagine. It may seem like an enormous job, but, in your mind, imagine that you're peeling and prying away, all those layers of stuff that have been piled on over the years. Think of it as looking at a photograph of a house when it was first built, so that you know what's original to the house, and what isn't, and then using that as a guide to your refurbishing.
  • 3) If you peel it all away, who do you see? What are you like? Really try to put yourself in that frame of mind. Imagine how you feel in your own skin, how you perceive the world around you, what you do and how you feel doing it...
  • 4) Ask yourself how you feel being you in that way. It should feel good. If it doesn't feel good, there are two prime possible reasons--one is that what you're imagining isn't really who you really are...maybe close but not close enough. The other is that maybe what you're imagining is really who you are, but you're not yet ready to feel that.

If you've read this far, there are 4 basic possibilities...

1) You've not only imagined the real, best you underneath all those layers; you also feel good imagining it!

Think about it: how does having this knowledge of yourself change your perspective? Let this knowledge of yourself change your perspective on anything and everything!
2)You've imagined it, but it doesn't feel good becasue what you've imagined isn't really who you are...or,
3)You've imagined it, and it doesn't feel good because you're not yet ready to feel it.
4)You haven't yet been able to imagine your real, best self, maybe because you're not used to thinking this way and you just need some practice, or maybe because there are other things for you to deal with before you're able to imagine it.

In either case, as you proceed, keep coming back to those 4 Tools and trying them again, because even a glimmer of the real, best you, can be just what you need to deal with those other possible things in ways that will really work for you!

Let's Look At What to Do Next With Those Possibilities...

A balanced sense of self esteem is not a luxury that's only available to a lucky few. It's your right! With rights, of course, come responsibilities... and enjoying this balance requires taking responsibility for's a choice you can make for yourself.

Exploring the relationship between your real, best self and
the way you feel about yourself, is a great way to go forward!

If there are concerns that need to be addressed first--like emotional abuse, emotional crisis, other emotional health problems, or perhaps physical health problems--addressing them can be a great first step. In fact, that's part of making the choice to develop that healthy, balanced sense of self esteem!

The other content-rich pages in this section can help you with many of those situations...

...and, you'll find even more information within the other sections of this site!

Possibility No. 1: You're in a very good place to explore as you wish...continue reading to learn what is or soon will be available!

Possibilities No. 2, 3, and 4: Reading about Low Self Esteem, Self Image, and Self Respect, are good next stops for you!

Without a healthy sense of who you are, it can be difficult to find the will to be true to yourself..or even the will to push through the day. Low Self Esteem can be particularly difficult to deal with because it can be heard to see it yourself. Sometimes it's hidden behind other factors, but once your recognize that you're experiencing it, you can change it!

The Low Self Esteem page is exciting, not depressing, because if you're able to recognize your low self esteem, then there's a very good chance you're ready to change it!

Self Image and Self Respect are factors that will affect you, as well as tools you can use in balancing your self esteem. Self esteem, self image, and self respect, are three distinct concepts, but when you make the choice put them to work for yourself, you turn them into a powerful inner resource, that can dramatically improve your well being in every way! From here, and as I complete pages and they become available to you on the site, you can see what sounds like a priority to you.

As well as the three pages I just discussed, I also have in the works 11, maybe 12 other pages in this section. I'll mention them here and as they become available, I'll tempt you with descriptions of them and links to them!


The pages will include:

  • High Self Esteem
  • I Hate Myself
  • Self Loathing Is A Lonely Place
  • Narcissism? Could That Be Me?
  • The Power of Body Image
  • Fat Acceptance and Living In The Moment
  • Self Talk--Making It Work For You
  • Realistic, Helpful, Positive Thinking
  • Emotional Abuse and Your Self Esteem
  • Relationship Counseling and Your Self Esteem
  • Bipolar Disorder and Your Self Esteem
  • Self Esteem Quiz!

Getting The Most Value For Your Time On This Site

During your visit, focus on your most pressing concerns. Make a note about pages you might want to visit later or on your next visit.

There's no need to try to absorb everything at once... This site will be here for you!

Come for more visits, explore, and make the most of what's available here, to help you get and stay motivated in your Real Self-Improvement adventure!

Jessica Moseley, Site Author and Creator
Jessica Moseley,
Site Author and Creator

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