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Self Improvement


What makes self improvement REAL?

Basing it on the most fundamental aspects of who you are.

You won't find yourself wasting your time...

...when you engage in REAL self improvement, because REAL self improvement is not a bandage or a veneer pasted on top of a reality that simply doesn't work for you.

It's a process that gets right to the heart of who you are, to discover your best self, and the life that will make you glow from the inside, out.

Trying to turn something that is fundamentally ill-suited to your needs, into something that will really work for you, isn't an approach that's likely to work well or for long.

Starting from scratch by looking at the ideals of who you are and what you want, will help you to create the foundation on which to make your improvements...and make them Real!

Does this sound scary...starting from scratch? It does feel scary at times, I admit it; but, most of the time it isn't, and it doesn't mean you have to do anything that you decide you don't want to do. Not only that, the rewards are worth it, simply because it's based on who you really are.

Self Improvement is an art that's as varied as the people who engage in it.

What you choose to work on, will be unique to you.

What can you work on in the way of self improvement?

Anything at all!
If it matters to you,
then it's perfect to work on with the help you'll find here.
Because your experience in improving yourself and your life is unique, this site is designed to help you learn to "think in self-improvement," so that you're only doing what works for you!


Here are some great things about Self Improvement,
for you to look forward to!

  • You can't change anyone but yourself, but when you change yourself for the better, you may find, that other people and circumstances will change for the better too, simply because you're becoming truer to yourself. This causes a positive shift in the dynamics between you and others, and your circumstances.
  • When you're actively improving yourself, you're focusing on putting something positive in place.
  • When you focus on putting something positive in place, eliminating negative things will follow more naturally.

Why not go about discovering and making the changes you want, in a deliberate way?

That's how self improvement works:
by improving yourself in a deliberate way...and growing in the process.

Are You Ready To Explore?

Specific Topics For Getting Started

This part of is laid out to give you information on self improvement topics, in a way that encourages and supports a logical self improvement process.

Naturally, you're free to delve into any topic in any order you like! If you want some direction, you can explore topics in the order that I present them below, clicking on them in sequence.

Please note that I'm creating this page for you to read and enjoy, before creating the pages I discuss below. You'll find "clickable" places within each description, as those pages are built and added to the site.

Otherwise, you can just click where you like! Anything that grabs your attention, or seems to "speak" to you, can serve as your point of entry.

It doesn't matter where you begin, only that, if you're ready, you do! Once you begin, you'll make your way to any part of the self improvement adventure you need, making it your own.

Please note: pages will become "clickable" as they are built and added to the site.

Your Personal Power is what you're drawing on to embark on this journey, and will continue to draw on for your fuel. Tapping into your Personal Power is a deeply important part of making your self improvement journey REAL.

Part of what makes self improvement an exciting journey, is that it's a journey made by choice. And once that choice is made, there's usually a lot of energy and desire behind it.

If it's a journey you've chosen to make, then you're ready for the adventure that you're about to create!

Whether you feel ready, or are simply wondering if you could be, explore The Heart of Self Improvement to get a sense of how important this is!

Reading about your Self Concept, will help you to explore what that means for you, what yours is now, and how to shape it and grow accordingly! Your Self Concept informs, and is informed by, your self improvement journey.

Creative Visualization is an ongoing process that helps you to formulate how you want to improve yourself and your life, and helps you to stay on, or return to your self improvement path. On the Creative Visualization page, you'll find helpful tips for using this process to inspire and re-energize yourself.

Related to your Self Concept, your Self Confidence will help you to recognize your power to grow and change, as well as recognizing your amazing potential!

At the same time, planning and going on this journey will boost your Self Confidence! You'll find help in learning to love yourself in ways that will boost your Self Confidence, as well!

The human mind, spirit, and will are fascinating and complex. While it isn't necessary to understand the Psychology of Self-improvement in order to go on this adventure, it may help you to look at yourself more objectively. It can also give you another angle from which to consider yourself and the approach you'll take, as well as being some interesting reading.

Perhaps you're in a "place" where you feel it's time for something to can really feel that...but you don't know what that "something" is.

It's kind of like when a child suddenly starts eating a lot, and then several weeks later, you realize she looks a lot taller and her pants and sleeves are too short!

You can feel change brewing, but you want to name it. Check out Self Improvement Ideas to get your own creative thinking...on the case!

Is personal growth the same as self improvement? Yes and no. You can "improve" yourself without growing. Explore how making Personal Growth a criteria of your self improvement journey can add richness and another dimension to your journey and your life.

There are lots of factors involved in self improvement and naturally, women have some that are unique to them. As a woman I can totally relate, and I invite you to this page just for women, to discover the help I can offer you!

For men, feelings about self improvement seem to run the gaumt from something that's got to be done, to it being some sort of penance. In reality, a successful self improvement effort begins with desire, and many things can create that desire.

Read about Male Self-Improvement to learn about cutting through feelings of obligation or guilt, for example, and training your attention and focus on what really matters to you...because after all, if it's not what you want, then it's not self-improvement...and it won't be fun!

Part of being human is a natural curiosity about one's self, life, and the unknown! It happens to all of us...layers of "stuff" dampen that curiosity and make it difficult to see our own potential.

Learn about how you can Unlock Your Self-Improvement Power to make that natural curiosity work for you!

Sometimes, all those layers are so twisted and complicated, that you might find you need additional help cutting through it all. Subliminal Self-Improvement can offer you some valuable help in doing just that, and moving forward with your vision.

Thinking about and developing your Personal Brand is both a very exciting tool for self improvement, and a special lens through which to view it! Check out this page!

What will turn your ideas, concepts, and plans, into reality? Self-Directed Behavior will, so be sure to visit this page too...a perfect segue to the Ultimate Key to Motivation!

With so much to think about and do,
just try to remember
that this is meant over all,
to be fun for you!

What Exactly Is Self-Improvement?

Obvious perhaps, but a good thing to define here, so that you and I know we're on the same page!

Okay, here's my definition: Self-Improvement is deliberately getting yourself from right here, right now, to being your truest self, living the life you feel you're meant for.

Or, it can simply be making one very definite change to one aspect of your life....

...but the process is very much the same.

There's no one time in the average life, that's a "best time" for self-improvement....

...although there is one particular time, perhaps more than any other, that brings related thinking to the fore; and that's the approach and onset of middle age, but that doesn't make it the only or necessarily the best time.

Self improvement is probably not something that you'll do only once in your lifetime. It's a process that many, maybe most of us undergo, often without even realizing that's what we're doing.

That may sound contradictory to my saying in the column to the right, that it's a journey you've chosen to make. It's not contradictory though, because any time that you improve yourself, it's because you've made a choice to do so, even if you didn't think of it in "self-improvement" terms.

A self-improvement journey is a gift

...from you and the Universe, to yourself, and it's something that you have the right to think about, dream of, and act on, simply because you're human and because you're here on this Earth!

Sometimes dire cirucumstances like being laid off, or the end of a relationship, etc., can lead to the inspiration to improve one's self...and that's healthy.

On The Other Hand...

...deciding to improve yourself because someone else feels that you should is not a healthy reason for doing so.

Self-improvement is a deeply meaningful and mostly pleasurable experience for you to savor and enjoy, but if it's forced upon you by another person's opinions, disrespcet or bullying, then it becomes a duty, perhaps even punishment or chastisement.

I don't want to dwell on this, but please...if you feel in your heart that, that's what's happening to you, then I urge you to reconsider, and to perhaps make your self-improvement effort, one which moves you out of that person's emotional, psychological, or physical control and places you in your own control.

More on this in this site's section on Self Esteem.

Your Personal Power

My hope for you, is that once you've learned the tools and put to use the information offered to you on this site, and perhaps some of those available to you, through this site, you'll come to feel that self-improvement is as natural a part of life as anything else.

One of the objectives of this site, is that it help you to become an "independent self-improver"! I consider this site successful, if what you find here, guides you to understanding how to drill into and draw from your own deep well so that you become aware of your personal power.

I'll be delighted if you become a long-time visitor and user of this site, but I want it to be because you enjoy and benefit from coming here, not because you feel like you can't do it without this or any other site... because it just feels more fun this way, not because this feels like the only way! If I work myself right out of business by helping you and others that effectively...I will be so delighted!

Get The Self-Improvement Details!

You'll find, in the column to the right,
details about the specific topics of this section of the site.........

Food For Thought
From Classic Tales!

In the story of "Lazy Jack," from The Tall Book of Tales, copyright 1944, Jack's mother works at spinning, morning, noon, and night, to provide for the two of them, while Jack just sits by the fire,
doing nothing.

So she tells him to get with the program
and get a job.

The first day he earns a penny,
but looses it on the way home,
and she tells him to put his earnings
in his pocket the next time.

The next day he earns a jug of milk which spills when he tries to pocket it.

His mom tells him to put it on his head next time, so on the third day,
when he earns some cream cheese,
and puts it on his head, it melts.

Things go on like this, and the point I'm making here, is that Lazy Jack was trying to improve himself,
not because he wanted to,
but because someone else wanted him to.

Yeah, he probably should have gotten a job, but he wasn't motivated, and he didn't really know why he was doing all this, or what the value of it was, so he didn't know how to conduct himself.

It was not REAL self-improvement!

Now, how about,
"The Three Little Pigs"?

In particular, the third little pig?

The third little pig knew what he wanted. He wanted a quality house that, among other things, would stand up to a wolf full of hot air!

So he made sure that he got the materials he needed, and he made it happen.

He had a vision based on what he really wanted.

That, for example...
is REAL self-improvement!

Getting The Most Value For Your Time On This Site

During your visit, focus on your most pressing concerns. Make a note about pages you might want to visit later or on your next visit.

There's no need to try to absorb everything at once... This site will be here for you!

Come for more visits, explore, and make the most of what's available here, to help you get and stay motivated in your Real Self-Improvement adventure!

Jessica Moseley, Site Author and Creator
Jessica Moseley,
Site Author and Creator

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New Moon Power

New Moon Opportunities in 2012

The New Moon is a traditional time for planting, it's also a great time for "planting" new habits.

Begin a new habit early in the New Moon week, and it will boost your ability to stick with it!

Here are the dates for the beginning of the new moon phases in 2012...

  • January 23
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