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You In 2013:
Do You Believe the Future Has a Place...
...For You? [Hint: It Does!]


There's a feeling of suspense in the air.

As much as some of us may want to pretend that this December is no different than any other, and no matter how much we may have liked to dismiss all that stuff about the Mayan calendar
--it was pretty hard to ignore.

I have some thoughts for you that might be of some help to you
if you're kind of wondering about things...

Clearly, the world did not come to an end. It didn't feel to me that it would, except, perhaps, as we have known it.
And, even though we may not be keenly aware of it yet, the world we have known is probably already being displaced by a whole new kind of energy and direction.

For some of us, the idea of a whole new world is exciting and it can't get here fast enough to suit us.
For some of us, the idea of a whole new world is frightening, disconcerting, unnerving...the past may be slipping away more profoundly than in all the previous late Decembers of one's lifetime.

More frightening in a way, than even the idea of the end of the world, may be the idea of the end of the world as we have known it--simply because it's way more likely. So many questions may be eating away at us:

  • What will it be like?
  • Will the planet change?
  • Will I lose people I love?
  • What will happen to the economy?
  • What will happen to me?
  • And, perhaps the most troublesome question of all, Will I be obsolete in this new era?

For those of us in my generation ('baby boomers') and older, this may feel particularly relevant.

  • The truth is, though, none of us are or will be obsolete or irrelevant or less in any way.
  • It's not true of any of us now, and it won't be after December 21, 2012 or any other time.
  • It's a matter of perception on the one hand, and desire on the my opinion.

Following some of my own thoughts on things, you'll find some ideas I have for you that might help you sort through your own thoughts and feelings, and perhaps experience greater confidence in yourself and things.

Yes, especially for those of us who were in school even before calculators and in the workforce before personal computers, it can seem like, Oh my God, it's all slipping away, everything's so different, and soon life will have become unrecognizable compared to even 20 years ago. And yes, there was much that I loved about the way things were, not even that long ago...and much that I didn't.

Personally, while I do have times when I'm anxious about the future and especially about the directions the U.S. seems to be going in, along with our civil rights, the quality and ownership of food and water, and health care...while I do feel anxious and sometimes afraid, overall, I have this feeling that, even though there are sure to be challenging times ahead, it's going to be exciting and amazing, and exactly what needs to happen.

Exactly what needs to happen? Even if some of what happens is awful? Yes. I guess this is my faith talking, but the view we have of things is so limited in so many ways. There's a great deal that we just can't see, but that's still at work, still affecting and being affected by what we can see. So much of what's happening has it's roots in years, centuries in the past, that it's hard to comprehend how it all fits together. That's why I feel comfortable saying, 'exactly what needs to happen'.

In other words, these influences are all playing out, and, on the other hand, we're all contributing to and influencing the way things unfold, either directly or indirectly. The choices we make all count, even when the choice is to do or say nothing...because nothing is still a choice.

So, coming full circle, that was my unplanned segue to the ideas I have for you!

Each of us has enormous potential that goes mostly untapped. I mean, it's staggering really, what we're capable of. Add to that, the power of choice that I just alluded to, and we're like superheroes who spend way to much time 'on the bench'! It's like superheroes are our consolation idea. They seem as amazing as we actually could be, but for the most part, we don't tap into that potential.

  • The power of choice is a great tool for taking on what's feeling like it's quite possibly going to be a whole new world.
  • Conscious, deliberate choice-making.
  • Based on what?
  • Ahhh....I'm so glad I asked on your behalf!
  • Conscious, deliberate choice-making, based on what you would most like to have happen and the way you believe you're really meant to be.
  • In other words, once you're clear on those two things (even if they change and evolve over time), you can make conscious, deliberate choices that each move you a little or a lot closer to what you would like.

So, bringing this to bear on the topic at hand--where will you fit in this new era: what you would most like to have happen and the way you believe you're really meant to be, are exactly where and how you can fit in this new era. You're here for a reason, and the world needs you to fulfill your purpose.

If this is kind of scary anyway, this potentially world-altering change--then why not make the most of it, and create your own courageous new vision in which you fulfill some of your own untapped potential?

If you're thinking about Resolutions and change and things like that,
click here to put things in perspective and give yourself a real chance to succeed!

  • Action is the greatest antidote for fear, and action is beautifully balanced by reflection.
  • Action, reflection, hot tea, love...they're at least as worthwhile as spandex and flowing capes, but you can always try them too.
  • You're not alone, we're all here, billions of us, each with our own fears and dreams.

Much love, Jessica garden

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